Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Shadows On A Starry Night

Have you ever known of someone who is afraid of the dark?
Well, some are afraid of shadows, and one of them was Mark.

Whenever Mark would lay down, to try to sleep at night
He’d close his eyes immediately, and keep them closed up tight.

For he knew if he opened them, he would likely see
A shadow move across his room, and what could THAT THING BE?

He’d lay awake at night and he’d hear every noise
The sun would never set, if Mark had had his choice.

One night Mark was outside, just before bed
He wished on the first star, and this is what he said

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight”

The star awakened then, and without a single sound
It opened up its eyes as stardust hit to the ground

Your wish will be granted, you shall ask and re-ceive
But you must me ask quickly, for very soon I leave

Mark didn’t have to wait, for he already knew
Just exactly what he wished this wishing star to do.

“Get rid of the shadows!” He shouted to the sky
“Get rid of them forever!” But then the star asked Mark, “Why?”

“They scare me at night when I’m lying in bed,
They scare me a lot, so I thought instead…

…Perhaps I could live for the rest of my years
In the brightness of midday and have no more fears!”

The star didn’t answer, least not right away
It struggled to find the correct words to say

But finally, the star’s eyes lit up like sparks
And it asked the young boy, ‘Are you sure ‘bout this, Mark?

Shadows outside your bedroom, that give you knocking knees
Are tree branches carrying, the cool evening breeze

The light through your window that sweeps down the wall
Is a police car that drives by, protecting us all.

That monstrous shadow at the end of your bed
Is only the outline of your Teddy Bear, Fred.

And that giant shadow, outside your bedroom door?
The one that approaches, and makes creaks on the floor?

That shadow that makes you go rigid with fright
Is your Mom or Dad checking if you’re tucked in for the night.

The only reason why you can see me at night
Is because the earth is in shadow, ‘cause I’m not that bright.

I’ll take away shadows, if that is your wish”
But Mark said, “Hold on…I gotta think about this.”

“I don’t guess I want shadows to all go away
So my wish is for you star…I hope you have a nice day.”

When Mark went to bed, the shadows did creep…
Then he smiled and rolled over…and went right to sleep.

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