Friday, November 9, 2012

What I've Learned

 For many years, Esquire magazine has published a regular feature under this title.  It has contained revelations that range from simple to sublime.  These are mine...I'd love to hear yours.

It's a waste of time to say, "There'll never be another Babe Ruth".  Well of course there won't.  There'll never be another George Washington, Rosa Parks, or you, or me.  We've already had one of each, how many do we need?

Having a son will make you a little boy again.  Having a daughter will make you a better man.

If all the women in the world disappear tomorrow, you've received your last Christmas card.

The movie reviews of a newspaper writer you trust is just one step below medical advice from a good doctor.  A bad recommendation from either wastes your time and leaves you feeling worse than you did before.

If you're contemplating an affair, you should know that the hottest sex you'll ever have isn't with the woman on the side.  It's with a woman that can trust you completely.

With a good song, you'll remember all the lyrics years after you last heard it.  A great song will make you remember who you were with when you first heard it.

Always wave back to kids in the rear of a school bus.

When people call the Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis or Adam Sandler comic geniuses, Stan Laurel spins in his grave.

If you're not into sports, scan the sports page anyway and find out who's playing and what athletes are being talked about.  You'll be amazed how many friends you make by being able to say, "How 'bout that Miguel Cabrera, huh?"

Owning a dog does not get you ready to have a child.  Owning a dog prepares you to own two dogs.

Father of rock -n- roll?  Satchmo.
While not the creator of jazz music, he was its most important figure as an ambassador.  By extension, he is the father of all popular music.  It's Armstrong to Bing Crosby, to Dean Martin, to Elvis.  Case closed.

There's no price tag on the phrase, "I'm sorry".  But what you'll get back by saying it is invaluable.

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